Are you trying to qualify for a mortgage or get a car loan?  Do you know what your credit score looks like?  Is it great? Or, if you’re like many people, maybe it’s… not so great. Good credit can help you make it easier to get approval on a loan or rental application, save money on interest, or even sometimes get a job.

The OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card can help you build the credit history you need in order to have leverage when dealing with utility companies, landlords, car dealerships, and even mortgage lenders.

As explained by Alisa Glutz, the author of “Color My Credit,” who shares her expertise in this segment, the OpenSky card can help people in all stages of life to help build, or rebuild, their credit. With no credit check needed to apply, anyone may start improving their credit score in as little as 6 months – regardless what their past credit history was.

Alisa also shares that the card reports to all major credit bureaus, which means you are building credit scores with all three.  You can charge regular purchases that are already in your budget (Alisa recommends with starting something small) and by paying it off or down on time every month, you can get closer to reaching your credit goals.