Winterizing a Pool, Mortgages and Camping Lifestyle

This edition of Designing Spaces takes us from purchasing that first home, to living an outdoor lifestyle, and then preparing the swimming pool for the onslaught of winter.  Pull out the sweaters and enjoy your fall lifestyle.

With winter not far away, it’s time to wrap up our summer activities for good, and start thinking about the future. First topic on hand: preparing your swimming pool for the winter. We’ve got great tips from an expert that will have your pool “on ice” until next summer. Maybe your thoughts for the future entail getting away from it all and enjoying the great outdoors. Very do-able, here on Designing Spaces, as we take part in the camping lifestyle in the California countryside. Maybe your winter thoughts for the future have you thinking about that first dream house? We get with mortgage experts to help first time home buyers acquire their first mortgage. By spring, you could be out of that apartment and into a house! See it all; right here on Designing Spaces!

In this Episode of Designing Spaces: