Cyber-hacking is on the rise, and if you’re connected to the Internet, you’re inevitably vulnerable. No matter how prepared a person or a business may be, a hacker needs to be successful only once to break into one’s system, putting innumerable amounts of data at extreme risk.

Stay tuned as South Florida Cyber Security Investigations (SFCSI) explains how to keep your systems safe.

As a premiere cybersecurity and digital forensics company, SFCSI investigates hacking, ID theft, virus/malware infections, employee computer misconduct, and more. They also perform penetration tests, recover files (if possible), secure clients’ WiFi networks, update and patch computers and servers, and various other cybersecurity services.

Using cutting-edge software, as well as the same tricks as so-called “black hat” hackers, SFCSI is an expert at discovering weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a system.