Ready to learn how to level up your DIY countertop project? Stone Coat Countertops provides stylish, top-quality countertop epoxy and other epoxy products to create unique designs in your home.

Stone Coat Countertops teaches DIYers, artists, contractors, designers, and average homeowners how to use custom epoxy coating systems to create easy, affordable, and high-end surfaces for home improvement projects. Now, Ryan is giving Stone Coat Countertops a try to prove how seamless this DIY project can be!

The experts and contractors at Stone Coat knew the market was in need of an alternative to the expensive nature of natural stone. So, that’s why they set out to find the best way to achieve the look of granite and marble at the price of laminate.

Furthermore, after years of trial and error, Stone Coat Countertop’s epoxy coatings and colors are easy to use, beautiful, eco-friendly, and resistant to heat, UV rays, and scratches. In addition, Stone Coat offers how-to training videos so customers can make informed decisions before they begin the remodeling process.

Stay tuned as we go Around the House with Ryan, who walks us through the entire Stone Coat process. Add to cart, please!