First Time Home Buyers

How to Live Your Dream DIY Lifestyle

On this episode of Designing Spaces, we're diving into the latest tips and trends of DIY. 

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Buying Your Dream Home with Motto Mortgage

Jillian is ready to buy her dream house! But first, she needs help getting a loan. She's turning to the experts at Motto Mortgage to make it happen.

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The Loan Process for First-Time Buyers

In this segment, “The Loan Process for First-time Home Buyers,” our team of mortgage experts from Affinity Partnerships addresses key steps in securing a home loan, from the importance of title searches to appraisals and how your income affects the loan you secure. Also, valuable points are made regarding payment assistance programs.

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First Spaces, Inside Spaces, and Outdoor Spaces

Designing Spaces presents three topics for homeowners. First, we dive into the world of first time mortgages. Then, we look at another type of living space–the college dorm, and how students can keep those cramped spaces organized. And, for homeowners, there are some great tips on how to organize spaces around the house too! Finally, […]

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