Home Preparation and Backyard Beauty

Stay tuned as we discover the best in yard and lawn maintenance care. Plus, preparing for a home disaster with a finance check and clean-up services. Learn how to maintain healthy landscaping while conserving water and saving money. Find out how Orbit Irrigation Products can provide you with a low-cost solution that can easily be added […]

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What to Do When You Need an Emergency Loan

Overdue bills, groceries and necessities, and other unexpected expenses can take you by surprise and make your feel helpless. Learn how you can take care of any of these expenses.

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Making Home Loans Easier and More Convenient

Thanks to U.S. Bank’s new portal, potential home buyers can apply for a loan from literally anywhere and call their trusted loan officer to guide them towards the next step.

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Navigating the Home Loan Process

What happens when you obtain a home loan? What are the steps? Who is best qualified to help you through the process? Follow Monica and Jimmy as they give their personal experiences from their actual new home, with both a mortgage expert and an independent mortgage broker. The discussion takes us through the primary steps […]

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