OXY-TAB technology

Luxury Hybrids, Insulating Your Attic & Remodeling an Equestrian Center

Today's episode focuses on quality products and brands that place a premium on safety and energy efficiency.

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Security and Peace of Mind for Your Home

This episode of Designing Spaces is all about providing security and piece of mind for you and your home. Check out a one-key lock “BOLT” technology for added security. Get the do’s and don’ts for septic tank users, and keep the lights out with a stylish set of new blinds from Next Day blinds. Get […]

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How to Maintain Your Septic System Safely

A visit with a homeowner who experienced the horrors and expense of a septic back-up leads to a better understanding of septic tanks and how to maintain them. An expert from EcoNow Solutions provides pointers on how to keep a septic system working eco-efficiently. There are “dos and don’ts” when it comes to how you treat […]

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