Today’s episode focuses on quality products and brands that place a premium on safety and energy efficiency.

First, Lexus has always employed a bold vision for the future, looking beyond what’s on the road right now.

Lexus Product Specialist Lisa Park joins Designing Spaces to share Lexus’s strategy of combining energy efficiency with everyday luxury vehicles. Lisa and correspondent Debi Marie take a closer look at several Lexus vehicles, including the 2018 RX450hL, an extra-long luxury SUV that comes with a third-row option.

Then, want to lower your utility bills and increase energy efficiency? GreenFiber insulation uses 85% recycled material that’s free from unhealthy substances like formaldehyde and asbestos. Watch as homeowner Donna Morgan quickly and easily insulates her attic. Whether you’re a contractor or DIYer, you can get the job done with confidence with any GreenFiber product.

Next, a visit with a homeowner who experienced the horrors and expense of a septic back-up leads to a better understanding of septic tanks and how to maintain them. An expert from EcoNow Solutions provides pointers on how to keep a septic system working eco-efficiently.

Finally, interior designer Heidi Pettee is in the final stages of outfitting a Florida teen equestrian center, with one major project left: new flooring everywhere. Fortunately, she found Tarkett, a flooring manufacturer that incorporates a perfect balance of durability and high-end design.