Off Campus Student Housing Facility 

Where you live can have a huge impact on your overall college experience. With so many different choices, how can you narrow it down? Kid Spaces gets with Adam Byrley, Lauren Dalia and Donna Preiss, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Preiss Company, to look at the current trend in off campus student housing; complete with amenities and events based on the overall student population.

The Preiss Company provides a unique and luxurious off-campus housing experience for students across the county. With over 16,000 beds, we are the 4th largest privately held off-campus student-housing provider in the nation. It’s not just a “place to stay”, but an experience that fosters the personal, professional and social growth for the residents.

Home Away From Home

Sending your children off to college is a time of mixed emotions for many parents. While you may be happy and proud, at the same time there is sadness at watching them “leave the nest” and strike out on their own.

Many colleges and universities offer dormitory housing for their students, but what happens when they don’t? What happens when your child decides they want to live off-campus in an apartment of their own?

This can fill parents with even more fears and questions about whether or not their child is ready to live outside of the structured environment of a dormitory. On the other hand some parents may not want to stop their children from being able to live on their own and learn independence. It’s a decision fraught with uncertainty.

The Preiss Company understands and has come up with a solution that can put everyone at ease. Depending on where your child’s school or university is located, The Preiss Company now owns and manages several student housing “communities” that can offer solutions to some of the issues families have when deciding about the best living arrangements for “off-campus” students.

Preiss Student Housing Communities can provide an experience that allows for the personal, academic and social growth of its community members by offering:

  • Amenities such as pools, tanning, computer labs, fitness centers, free coffee and more
  • Resident life programs to help unite residents and create a real sense of community
  • On-site active leadership team members who help the residents with the real life responsibilities such as paying bills
  • Close proximity to university campuses as well necessary amenities like high-speed Internet

The goal of The Preiss Company student housing communities is to create an environment that assists young people in the transition time between home or on-campus housing and the real life experience of their own apartment. By providing the necessary help and guidance, students can feel independent while still residing in a “home-like” safe environment which is so important as many of these students are likely away from home for the first time in their lives.

Visit to learn more and find out if there is a Preiss Company Student Housing Community near the school or university that your child is or will be attending.

With over 16,000 beds in over 12 states, Preiss is the 4th largest privately held off-campus student housing provider and is a vital stepping-stone for young adults in the time between High School and College.

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