Homeowner Stephanie is ready for a master bedroom makeover, so Designing Spaces brings in David Cipperman from Croscill Home to help her with the project. David gives tips on how to create a focal point, maximize space, improve the lighting, and select bed coverings, pillows and window dressings. Stephanie creates a checklist, completes a budget, and goes shopping with David.

The newly decorated bedroom is completed in one day and on budget. David shows how to use texture, color, and patterns to create more interest and drama, as well as using windows and lighting to complete the total effect. Once again, Designing Spaces has helped another homeowner discover their inner decorator.

Bed and Bath Transformations

Make a dramatic change to your bed or bath without breaking the bank

Do you have a bedroom in your home that you just keep the door closed when guests come over? Is the bedding old with faded color? And spending big bucks on redecorating is just not an option right now?

Are you ready to make a change and add some style to your bedroom space so the door can stay wide open, impressing guests?

Croscill Home LLC has beautifully detailed bedding as well as fashion bath collections that will dramatically turn around any room without breaking your budget.

Transformed Master bedroom and bath spaces can be easily achieved through these changes:

  • Introducing New Bedding
  • Decorative Accents
  • Changes in Style of Shower Curtains
  • Functional Accessories Changes
  • Different Color Schemes

Croscill has been an established brand for 67 years and continues to define traditional style in the master bedroom. They believe in producing high quality textiles at an affordable price.