This episode of Designing Spaces covers all aspects of your home, from Internet speed to bathroom renovations and high-impact defense windows.

First up is Mansfield Plumbing, a supplier of affordable, state-of-the-art bathroom fixtures. Watch along as a family receives the Vanquish toilet, a revolutionary design that includes side-mounted seat hinges to allow for easy clean-up. It also rinses well and features a high-power flush, which helps avoid clogging. It’s the perfect choice for those with young children.

Then, learn about Milo Wifi, a seamless Internet system designed to work well in crowded environments. It ensures a quality signal no matter how many devices or people are connected. Sound to good to be true? Stay tuned, and then try it out for yourself!

Lastly, as hurricane season approaches, now is the time to replace those old windows with new energy-efficient, high-impact windows. Builders FirstSource is more than just a supplier—it’s the ultimate end-to-end homeowner solution. Designing Spaces travels to one of Builders FirstSource’s national showrooms in Sanford, Florida, to see what they offer and meet a homeowner who’s made the transition.