Today’s episode of Designing Spaces has all your car care needs covered—from your brakes and oil to your tires and technology system.

First, Falken Tire’s Nick Fousekis joins the show to demonstrate how Falken tires are building a stronger, more durable tire for the future. Watch as Nick and professional stunt driver Chelsy Swenson take a closer look at several high-quality Falken tires. Then, BG Products goes the extra mile to take care of your car. Busy medical sales rep Melia runs into a snag when her service engine light comes on. Fortunately, she finds the closest authorized BG service center at and cruises right in for service that’s backed by the BG Lifetime Protection Plan.

Next, makes car buying easier for women. Everything she needs to know is contained on one website: the shopping, the research, consumer opinions, even the financing and purchase. All you need to do is go to a selected dealership and pick up your car. watch as we put the Philips X-tremeVision upgrade headlight bulbs to the test and bring peace of mind to a South Florida driver and her family.

Plus, every car owner eventually faces the inevitable brake replacement. Expert Kris Miller shows us what happens when your brakes are replaced in simple, layman’s terms, and how you can upgrade to high performance brakes without having to be a gearhead. Whether you’re a DIYer or need professional help, Power Stop can help you replace your brakes. Finally, T-Mobile may have just the tool you need to reduce the anxiety: SyncUP DRIVE. This invaluable advancement in modern technology allows you to stay connected to your family or loved ones while they’re on the road.