Answering The Myths About Life Insurance with Terry Schuster of Sagicor Life Insurance

What does life insurance really provide? Who needs it? Do I need it? To learn more, and get answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding life insurance, Designing Spaces got with Terry Schuster, Chief Agency Manager for the Sagicor Life Insurance Company, for a little one-on-one Q and A discussion to get some easy answers about life insurance. Terry explains the two basic types of life insurance and what each has to offer, along with investment opportunities and how families are provided protection. If you are considering acquiring life insurance, you will want to see this basic primer: from your friends at Designing Spaces.

Dispelling the Myths about Life Insurance

When was the last time you thought about Life Insurance? Did you know that September is Life Insurance Awareness month?

Sagicor Life Insurance Company believes in providing high quality affordable insurance options and solutions for every stage of life. Sagicor believes in “Wise Financial Thinking for Life” and can help you determine what is best for you and your family’s needs.

Life Insurance is a subject many people don’t feel comfortable talking about, however it is of great importance for anyone with a family or dependents. For example in the event of death, life insurance can assist those left behind by helping to provide:

  • Income to help pay bills and on-going living expenses.
  • Funds to pay final expenses and funeral costs.
  • The ability to help continue to pay for children’s education.
  • A means to protect retirement plans and distribute wealth efficiently.

Life Insurance is an important part of future planning for:

  • Married couples with children.
  • Single and/or stay-at-home parents.
  • Small Business owners.
  • Retired individuals (to assist in Estate Planning).
  • Single people who have family members such as a sibling, parent niece or nephew depending on them.

Sagicor Life Insurance wants to help clear up some of the common misconceptions people have about Life Insurance, such as:

  • Life Insurance is too difficult or too expensive to get.
  • You can always get Life Insurance later, or that you don’t even need it if you don’t have children.
  • You should only buy term Life Insurance and invest the rest.
  • Life Insurance only provides benefits if someone dies. And more…

Sagicor wants to help you dispel the myths and show you the options you have available to you no matter what your situation. Visit to learn more. Let Sagicor help you insure your future so you can have peace of mind in the present.

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