Joining Debi Marie is Harold Bridgeforth, Director of Web and Product Development for Digital Energy, to show her a great gift idea for any time of the year: the Digital Energy Powerbank. The Digital Energy Powerbank work as a portable battery that you can use on your devices. Suppose your cell phone is going dead, and you have an important call. The power bank will supply you with the energy your phone needs.

You can keep your devices powered up, no matter where you go. Harold shows Debi three different models of Powerbanks, including the larger Powerbanks that give you more operating time. This DE Portable Universal USB external powerbank is compatible with almost all smart phones and other device charged via USB port. This compact long-lasting backup battery will let you carry a power source where ever you go. Take it with you on a walk, out on the town or along for the ride on a road trip; the DE powerbank gives you the power you want when you need it!