A visit to Sharon’s home reveals an incredible sound system throughout the house, from the kitchen to the living room, bedrooms, even outside on the patio. Enter DTS Play-Fi, an open Wi-Fi streaming technology that gives you the freedom to send music from any device, to any speaker, to any room.  You choose the speakers that suit your lifestyle, and Play-Fi takes care of the rest. Sharon pulls up the app on her phone and chooses the Living Room Left and Right speakers.

She explains how she can pair them together to wirelessly stream music in stereo. Play-Fi is able to synchronize the sound so tightly that you can set speakers up as Left and Right for stereo listening and it sounds great…And there is no weird delay between the kitchen and the living room. It’s all in sync! On the other hand, Sharon explains how she can assign one piece of music to one room, and then have different music playing elsewhere in the house. DTS Play-Fi technology offers so many ways for everyone to enjoy music!