Follow us to Ramona, California, where we spend a day in the life of the Douglas family, who shows us why the conversion of light into electricity is a big win of solar proportions.

Shortly after moving to California, the Douglases were shocked by a $600 electricity bill that convinced them they needed to explore alternative options. The family of six teamed up with Jinko Solar, a global leader in the solar industry, powering over three million American households in 33 states.

Now, a few months after installing their Jinko panels, the solar system is already paying for itself for the Douglases, who have puny electric bill despite continuing their normal heavy usage.

With Jinko Solar systems, you simply set it and you forget it—Jinko handles the rest. For this large family with a never-ending stream of laundry and electronic usage, teaming up with one of the fastest growing most reliable solar companies in the industry was a no-brainer.