We’re taking this episode of Designing Spaces outside, spotlighting the best in outdoor home renovations.

First, we’re at the beautiful home of Steve and Ginger Peddicord in Sebring, Florida. They’re finishing off their home renovations with the experts at Dec-Tec.

Did you know GREAT STUFF™ Pond & Stone Filler, Sealer and Adhesive is specifically designed to help quickly and easily build beautiful water features? We’re learning all about it!

Then, meet Marc, a family man who loves spending time outdoors. His charming home, which features a large backyard, is in desperate need of new fencing. That’s where IronCraft comes in, specializing in a variety of long-lasting, low-maintenance, and attractive residential fences.

Next, say hello to Victoria and Andy. The couple just bought a home in South Florida, and now they’re busy with remodeling projects. First up? Insulation with Johns Manville.

Plus, DieHard has been leading the automotive battery industry for over fifty years strong—and now the brand is officially available online at Amazon.