O2 Media’s ‘Designing Spaces’ Popular ‘Think Green’ Series Welcomes CertainTeed Corporation

(Deerfield Beach, FL- October 2010) A major part of ‘living green’ is your home’s efficiency. Just how much energy does it use to provide a comfortable and healthy lifestyle? To help provide solutions to avoid ‘havoc’ with your HVAC– the Designing Spaces ‘Think Green’ team invited CertainTeed Corporation, a manufacturer of home construction materials. Make sure you tune in October 31st, and November 1st and 12th at 9:30am (ET/PT) as they air on WEtv. Special guest, Rob Brockman, CertainTeed Corporation Marketing Manager joins the show and explains not only how to improve your home’s energy efficiency, but he also gives an education– in insulation.

CertainTeed offers a variety of insulation products, which includes their new Sustainable Insulation™. Rob says, “CertainTeed offers environmentally friendly insulation solutions to fit the needs of any home, whether the homeowner wants to install the product themselves or hire a professional. By appearing on the Think Green series we’re able to show viewers how CertainTeed’s insulation products can help make their home more comfortable– while saving both energy and money.”

During the show, Rob explains how insulation reduces heat flow. In the winter it helps keep “in” the valuable heat that you’re paying for to keep your home comfortable. In the summer, which most homeowners don’t immediately think about– insulation helps keep the heat out and the expensive air conditioning in.

Lysa Liemer, ‘Designing Spaces’ Executive VP of Programming and Chief Operating Officer, says, “We are always exploring exciting topics and trends to inspire viewers to take on all home improvement challenges, and DIY dilemmas– and CertainTeed Sustainable Insulation™ delivered the perfect solution.”

When you look at insulation, you want to look for the best product to fit the application, the impact on the environment and your budget. The great news about Sustainable Insulation™ is that it’s not only a greener more sustainable product, but it also has great installation and handling benefits. It’s a lot easier to cut. It has less dust and irritation, and it makes for a very easy weekend project to work with.

For more information, visit http://www.sustainableinsulation.com.

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