Technology has transformed home security with innovations in connectivity and security, providing the ability to monitor our homes from anywhere, anytime. Home owners Wendy and Joyce each relate incidents that placed them in imminent danger, one a break-in and the other a fire. Thanks to their home security systems, disasters were averted. What do they share in common? The ADT Pulse System: affordable remote security and home management you can control from your phone or mobile device coupled with 24 hour home security monitoring and fast response to burglary, fire and carbon monoxide dangers. Jerri Devard, Chief Marketing Officer for ADT, explains the many security features of the system.

Fast response from the ADT team was a major factor in providing the kind of protection these homeowner’s needed. The best news for those looking to have a system installed; they are very affordable. Systems can be tailored to any home’s particular needs. Now having peace of mind in the area of home security is better than ever.