It’s the summer, which means the great migration to The Hamptons has already begun. Whether it’s influencers like Halley Kate who recently struck controversy over her Hamptons home purchase, or long-time Hamptons home-owning celebrities like Alec Baldwin, the Hamptons is the it-spot this summer.  

The Hamptons are a long-standing minefield for celebrity property. It’s no surprise that A-listers are willing to pay a pretty penny for a home here considering its old-money charm, pristine beaches, and luxury real estate.  

Especially in the summer, you might be able to find a few familiar faces in this dreamy destination. Here are some celebrities who have purchased houses in the East Long-Island area. 

Celebrities with Houses in the Hamptons 

Brooke Shields 

Credit: Better Homes, September 2015 Issue

Brooke Shields purchased a farmhouse style home in Southampton in 2013. The comfy family home has a beachy vibe and was decorated and designed by Shields’ herself.  

Beyoncé and Jay-Z 

The couple purchased a $26 million dollar home in East Hampton in 2017. The 7 bed/ 7 bath home spans a whopping 12,000 square feet and sits on around 2 acres (about the area of a Manhattan city block) of land. 

Robert Downey, Jr.  

Iron Man purchased a historic 1885 home in East Hampton in 2017. The quirky windmill cottage was an iconic Hamptons property that Downey snagged in an attempt to add a bit of whimsy and fun to his real estate portfolio. 

Alec Baldwin 

Alex Baldwin and his wife purchased a house in East Hampton in 1995, but it’s currently up for sale with an asking price of around $19 million.  

Jennifer Lopez 

J-lo, a New-York native, added a $10 million Hamptons home to her real estate portfolio back in 2013. The beautiful house sits on 3 acres of land and boasts eight bedrooms. 

Credit: Corcoran Real Estate Group

Cost of Real Estate in The Hamptons 

A luxurious home in The Hamptons can certainly run up a big price tag. While not all homes there will cost you 10s of millions of dollars, it is definitely an expensive area to live in. 

The median price for a home in the Hamptons is 2.8 million dollars, and you can find properties for sale from anywhere between $495K up to $59 million.