Emalie is happy with her new home, but her kitchen is a little cramped. She’d like to add an indoor garden to make it more homey and fun, but with a limited amount of space, she’s not sure where to start. She’s never had much of a green thumb, either. Luckily, help is on the way!

That’s where professional horticulturist Marianne Binetti comes in. Stay tuned as she helps Emalie create a gorgeous, in-home garden.

One important tip Marianne shares is the importance of fertilizer for plants. That’s why she uses Osmocote, a controlled-release fertilizer that provides plants with continuous and consistent nutrition for up to six months.

Basically, Osmocote feeds plants what they need, when they need it, from tomatoes and corn to perennials and apples.

For 50 years, Osmocote has been the brand that professional gardeners trust for plant nutrition. Stay tuned to find out why – and to get expert suggestions for starting your own house plant garden!