From safety solutions to state-of-the-art pool products, roofing tips, and window film, we’re covering it all on Designing Spaces.

For many families, security is a top priority. Alison and Rob are busy business owners and homeowners who have one-year-old twins, so safety is a huge concern. SafeWise, a company that reviews and compares home security systems, turns out to be incredibly helpful for the family of four! Whether you’re looking for security cameras, carbon monoxide detectors, or home automation systems, SafeWise provides comprehensive guides to help families choose the right products.

Next, when it comes to your at-home pool or spa, it’s critical to understand exactly how the systems that operate them work. That’s where Pentair comes in with its slate of state-of-the-art pool products and systems.

Then, learn about Maximum Solutions, the first company of its kind to offer an innovative roof retrofitting approach that saves customers money and time, and increases their return on investment.

Similar to many families across the country, the Rudes struggle to keep their modern, two-story home spotless. Luckily, having the right cleaning tools make all the difference. Designing Spaces gives viewers a crash course in Dyson’s cordless Cyclone V10 vacuum, which can handle just about anything.

Did you know window film may save you up to 50 percent on energy costs? Plus, it keeps your interior cool and protects your skin and eyes from harmful UV rays. Stay tuned to learn more!