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It’s a window makeover in Toledo Ohio as Joe Guarino, President and CEO of Sunrise Window, Ltd. guides us through the process of replacing old-style windows with new, energy efficient windows, specifically custom vinyl replacement windows. At the house in Ohio, Joe points out how the old windows were wood framed, and were rotting out. The replacements are from the premium Restorations® line of vinyl windows. The finishing touch will be Madera™, a pre-finished hardwood interior trim.

The full-frame replacements require removing both the old windows and their frames all the way back to the studs. The new vinyl frames will outlast wood and are lower maintenance. Also, the way the glas panes are constructed with the tight fittings, the newer window designs are more energy efficient.  As we see the process, Joe continues to explain how the methods for replacement are not so stressful for the homeowner, and the benefits of having a stylish upgrade to the house increases curb appeal.

Window Dressing

Updating the windows in your home can change the way your home looks AND feels.

If would like to improve the comfort of your home, make it more energy efficient and increase its curb appeal, you may want to take a look at your windows!

Sunrise® Windows & Doors can help transform your home with Sunrise® and Restorations® custom vinyl replacement windows, patio doors and Madera interior wood trim. Product features include:

  • windows customized to the exact measurements of your home
  • 10 standard and unlimited custom exterior colors
  • 8 interior color options including 6 woodgrains
  • internal SunBlinds®, hardware finish choices and even stained glass for additional personalization
  • backed by a lifetime warranty

Sunrise windows are designed with more glass and less frame to maximize your viewing area and let more light into your home. Glass options meet Energy Star® 2016 and Energy Star® Most Efficient performance standards to enhance your comfort and reduce energy costs.

A Sunrise Windows & Doors authorized dealer or home improvement contractor can explain the options available to help you create a personalized look. They will also explain different window installation options, such as full frame or pocket installation, and what is recommended for your home.

While a full frame installation can cost a bit more initially, it can actually help save you money in the long run, as the installer can ensure the window is properly sealed and insulated and can inspect for other potentially hidden issues, such as insect or water damage. A full frame installation will also maximize your viewing area and let in more light because the old frame is removed completely.

Premium vinyl brickmould trim, available in an array of colors, will update the look of your home’s exterior and enhance its curbside appeal. Inside, Madera furniture-quality interior hardwood trim, offered in a choice of finishes and profiles, is the final touch to dramatically enhance the interior look of your home.

“As a trusted resource for home design and improvement, Designing Spaces provides a great platform to showcase our Sunrise and Restorations custom vinyl replacement windows and Madera premium interior trim. These products give homeowners the ability to personalize the look and feel of their homes from the curb and inside where they live, while improving comfort and reducing their heating and cooling expense,” said Joe Guarino, CEO and President, Sunrise Windows and Doors.

Customizable, energy efficient, high-quality, windows and patio doors can be yours. Visit or to view options available to personalize the look of your home. To request the name of a dealer near you, go to and click on the “Contact Us” tab on our website. Or, to request the name of a Restorations dealer near you, go to and click on “Dealer Locator.”

Make sure to tune in to Designing Spaces on October 9th, 2014 at 7:30 am (ET/PT) on the Lifetime Channel as Joe Guarino, CEO and President, Sunrise Windows takes viewers through a complete installation. If you miss the broadcast, go to or visit www.DesigningSpaces.TV and search for Sunrise Windows and Doors.

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