Kent Harpool from Woodcraft Supply shows us an “upcycling” project with a wood piece of furniture, using an environmentally-friendly milk based paint. “Upcycling” turns old or discarded furniture, cabinets and doors into fresh new creations that reduces trash at landfills by refurbishing or repurposing existing pieces. First, Kent starts with sanding, removing the old paint from the wood, providing a receptive surface for the milk paint. There is no weird science behind finishing and refinishing and easy-to-use Milk Paints and Gel Stains are a user-friendly solution. GF Milk Paints are a modern, durable, indoor outdoor acrylic paint in 24 colors. Milk Paint provides an option for someone who is chemically sensitive to solvents. Two coats of paint and two of a water based top coat and you are there with a restored piece of wooden furniture. Milk Paints and Gel Stains work together allowing your inner craftsperson to emerge, creating something beautiful from what was once ready for the trash bin.

Give Colorful Second Life

Upcycling furniture with milk paint makes refinishing furniture on your own a breeze.

Whether you are an established homeowner deciding to redecorate, or just starting out decorating your first apartment on a low budget, cost is important to all of us. Replacing or buying furniture can be very expensive so many people like to look for second hand items to help curb the budget a bit.

Say for example you find a great entertainment console at a yard sale for a fraction of what it would cost brand new from a store. It’s a steal, but the color is old, outdated and gives you pause. OR you inherited grandma’s antique dining table, which is not in the best condition so you aren’t sure what to do with it. The idea of refinishing it yourself crosses your mind, but the thought of actually doing it with no experience is intimidating.

Never fear, Milk Paint from Woodcraft is here.

Upcycling is a great way to save money and be kinder to the environment, but you don’t want to sacrifice style. Old-fashioned style non-toxic Milk Paint comes in an array of colors and makes refinishing furniture on your own a breeze.

Milk Paints are water based, durable indoor/outdoor acrylic paints in modern colors that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, perfect for chemically sensitive people who care about the planet. No more stripping, sanding and peeling. Forget about the primers and sealers, two coats of Milk Paint followed by two of a water-based topcoat and you can have a beautifully refinished recycled piece of furniture that you did all on your own.

These high-tech water based paint and gel finishes give you the flexibility to express yourself with a range of colors, glazes and stains you have a limitless array of possibilities to let your individual creativity shine through. You can create solid colors, antique looking finishes, color washing and more on almost any surface of indoor or outdoor furniture with ease. No need for a professional, you can truly do-it-yourself with Milk Paint.

Visit to learn more, see the choices of colors and styles milk paint comes in so you can get started on your own home improvement adventure. With nothing holding you back, who knows what you will end up with? Except beautiful furniture individual to your taste and style that cost you a fraction of what it would if you bought it new.

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