Sustainable Insulation for superior energy efficiency

Correspondent Bobby Dodge visits Rob Brockman, Marketing Manager for the CertainTeed Corporation; a manufacturer of home construction materials, at a home where a new generation of insulation is being installed. Rob explains how what you can’t see in your home can have the biggest impact on your utility bills.

With the installation of CertainTeed Sustainable Insulation, a home is made not only greener and more cost-effective, the owner has the knowledge that the materials used are sustainable. In fact, they are even manufactured to new “green” standards, reducing strain on the eco-infrastructure.

Sustainable Insulation is environmentally friendly while adding the benefits of comfort, energy and cost savings to a home.

A major part of not only ‘thinking green’ but also ‘living green’ is the efficiency of your home. Just how much energy does it use to provide a comfortable and healthy lifestyle? CertainTeed Corporation, a manufacturer of home construction materials offers a solution in the form of insulation.

CertainTeed’s new Sustainable Insulation™ is an environmentally friendly product that adds the benefits of comfort, energy and cost savings to a home with little environmental impact.

What’s ‘GREEN’ About Sustainable Insulation?

  • It’s made with recycled and renewable content including a proprietary organic plant-based binder that doesn’t contain formaldehyde, harsh acrylics, dyes or unnecessary fire retardant chemicals.
  • It’s made using a closed loop water conservation system and with much less energy than only a few years ago.
  • Its highly compressed packaging allows the product to be moved from strategically located distribution centers minimizing the carbon footprint often associated with the transportation of goods.
  • Sustainable Insulation™ helps reduce heat flow. In the winter it helps keep “in” the valuable heat that you’re paying for to keep your home comfortable.
  • In the summer, the insulation helps keep the heat out and the expensive air conditioning in.

CertainTeed’s Sustainable Insulation™ is an environmentally responsible product that provides peace of mind to homeowners through its proven energy efficiency, acoustical performance and lifelong strength. In fact, a typical pound of fiber glass insulation saves 12-times as much energy in just its first year as the energy used to produce it. Then, it continues to save energy for the life of the home – maintenance free – as it won’t settle or lose its R-value over time. (R-Value is the measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry where the bigger the number, the better the building insulation’s effectiveness.)

When you look at insulation, you want to look for the best product to fit the application, the impact on the environment and your budget. The great news about Sustainable Insulation  is that it’s not only a ‘greener’ more sustainable product, but it also has great installation and handling benefits. It’s easier to cut, creates less dust and irritation, and it can turn a weekly project– into a ‘weekend’ project!

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