On today’s episode of Designing Spaces, get practical solutions to energy efficiency, backyard décor and home loans.

First, follow us to Ramona, California, where we spend a day in the life of the Douglas family, who shows us why the conversion of light into electricity is a big win of solar proportions.

Shortly after moving to California, the Douglases were shocked by a $600 electricity bill that convinced them they needed to explore alternative options. The family of six teamed up with Jinko Solar, a global leader in the solar industry, powering over three million American households in 33 states. Now, a few months after installing their Jinko panels, the solar system is already paying for itself for the Douglases,

Next, meet first-time homeowners Jeannie and Kenny, who turn to Orchard Supply Hardware to get their backyard ready for entertaining. From beautiful patio furniture to a brand-new grill and fire pit, Orchard Supply provides the couple with everything they need to make their outdoor space fashionable and functional.

Then, meet busy mom Jen, who knows that having clean air and water in her home is extremely important. Follow along with Jen as she shows just how easy it can be to replace your home’s fridge and AC filters, reducing pollutants and allergens to make sure your family is healthy and happy.

Jen simply logs on to DiscountFilters.com—their filters feature easy-to-read labels and show up exactly when you need them, so you won’t have to go searching for the right one when it’s time to change yours.

Finally, meet a millennial couple thinking about buying their first home. Brittany and Steve are active and always on the go, so they don’t have time to sort through hours of bank statements and tax returns to find out how much of a home they can afford and whether they’ll be approved. Thanks to U.S. Bank’s new portal, they can apply for a loan from literally anywhere—and when they have questions, they can call their trusted loan officer to guide them towards the next step.